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I Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy TeamDoes Online Health Information Make You Worry?

There are some people who are hypochondriacs, having this false belief that they suffer from a serious illness. There are some people who worry too much. Going online to search for medical information is not a good idea for people like them.

12/12/2013 TeamIs Senate Bill 959 Killing the Pharmacy Profession?

PCCA conducted a survey and it shows that 40% of compounding pharmacies would be forced to leave their pharmacy profession if the bill passes into a law. PCCA is a company that supplies pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and equipment to compounding pharmacies; and provides continued educational training to pharmacists in the United States. Under the Senate Bill 959, also known as The Pharmaceutical Quality, Security and Accountability Act, it will improve the safety of medicines made from compounding pharmacies. However, compounding pharmacists do not think so.

12/2/2013 TeamAre Food Expiration Labels Misleading?

Most Americans think of food safety when they see the ‘sell by’ and ‘best before’ dates on food package labels so they tend to throw out foods after the dates indicated.

12/2/2013 Team5 Weight Loss Myths to Discard

We all know that obesity is a serious problem. There are many weight loss programs and health diets trying to solve the issue and many theories on weight loss have been published. With these bombarding us, it is not rare for consumers to develop myths or misconceptions on weight loss.

11/22/2013 TeamU.S. Congress Agree on Bill to Regulate Compounding Manufacturers

The House of Representatives and the US Senate committees agreed on a bill that gives the Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate compounding pharmacies. The bill would also create a national standard to track pharmaceuticals’ distribution to prevent fake drugs coming into the supply chain.

11/22/2013 Team7 Tips For Feeling Good All Day

If feeling good makes your mind and body perform at its peak, then you have a good sense of well being. But how could you keep yourself feel good the whole day?

11/13/2013 TeamAll-in-One Pill?

People with chronic heart conditions have trouble adhering or are complaining of too many medications. Now, scientists have found a solution that might work: a “polypill” that combines several heart medications in one capsule.

11/13/2013 TeamDrink Up!

The President’s wife has been continuously encouraging Americans to stay fit and healthy. After initiating the Plate Plan years ago, U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a new campaign against obesity called, “Drink Up” that encourages Americans to drink at least one extra glass of water from the usual daily intake.

11/5/2013 TeamMicronutrient Deficiency: Hidden Hunger (Part 2)

Last time, we mentioned two of the possible solutions on how to reduce micronutrient deficiency: gardening and supplements. This time, let’s discuss the rest.

11/5/2013 TeamMicronutrient Deficiency: Hidden Hunger (Part 1)

Nations around the world have made great successes in reducing world hunger. The United Nations had set a goal back in 2000 to reduce world hunger by half between 1990 and 2015 and so far they are meeting the target. However, despite all efforts, around 870 million of the world’s population are undernourished.

11/5/2013 TeamFood Supplements in the Pharmacy: Are We Going Back to Nature?

You have seen lots of bottles of food supplements displayed on the shelves in your local pharmacies. Some are even advertised on all forms of media and people have patronized these for many years now. In some countries, these supplements are considered food, unlike in other countries, these are classified as natural health products or much worse, drugs.

10/22/2013 TeamWhen The Side Effect of a Medication is Worse Than the Disease

Let’s face it, the root cause of most diseases known to men (and they’re more than 900 of them) is poor nutrition. How could it be? Take a look at how we eat. Our appetite calls for at least three meals a day that consist of high protein, high carbohydrate, high sugar, high salt; some derived from processed foods. As we grow older, these have accumulated in our body and cause us to have an illness.

10/22/2013 TeamThe Reinvented Pharmacist

Pharmacists, also known as druggists, are healthcare professionals who practice in pharmacy. Pharmacy is the field of health sciences that focuses on safe and effective medication use. It has evolved from the classical role of ‘lick, stick, and pour’ dispensing to being an integrated member of the health care team directly involved in patient care.

10/14/2013 TeamRegulation or Limitation? (An Issue Facing Compounding Pharmacies)

The creation of a particular medicine to fit the unique need of a patient is done in compounding pharmacies. A compounding pharmacist combines or processes appropriate ingredients for necessary medical reasons, such as to change the form of the medication --- for example from a pill to a liquid --- to avoid a non-essential ingredient that the patient is allergic to, or to obtain the exact dose needed. It may also be done for more optional or customized reasons such as adding flavors to a medication or altering the taste or texture.

10/10/2013 Team5 Alternative Medical Therapies Defined

The medical practice we all know today has been called ‘traditional’ medicine. On the other hand, medical treatments founded centuries ago are now termed ‘alternative’ medicine. Sounds ironic, but true. There are many alternative medical therapies around the world and some of them are still popular and practiced today.

10/8/2013 TeamIs Your Doctor Prescribing Antibiotics Wrongly?

A recent study shows that American doctors prescribe the most powerful antibiotic more than 60% of the time. But more than 25% of the prescription for broad-spectrum antibiotics are useless because the infection is caused by a virus.

10/2/2013 TeamDoes Anyone Read Those Patient Information Leaflets?

Let’s face it. Most of us ignore the patient information leaflet tucked in the drug packaging. Who would? Aside from the drug literature that only pharmacists and other medical professionals can understand, that white slip of folded paper contains the drug formulation, dosage, indication and contraindication that patients SHOULD know yet, incomprehensible because of jargons.

9/30/2013 TeamCan You Survive Without TV For 12 Weeks?

Writer Deborah Donenfeld took a 12-week class where one of the first assignments was not to watch television for the entire duration of the course. There were many violent reactions --- how would they be updated with their favorite TV program? Some need the television on as background noise. It was really tough on them but they committed to it.

9/30/2013 TeamMoon and Sleep: A Connection

We know that the moon’s gravitational pull affects the Earth’s ocean tides. We know that a number of patterns in animal behavior are linked with the lunar cycle, and not just in myths and legends. The moon gets the blame for Earth’s ‘madness’. No wonder, the root word for ‘lunatic’ came from the moon’s Latin name, ‘Luna’.

9/30/2013 TeamDon’t Mix Cosmetic Surgery With Herbal Meds, Experts Say

A recent study shows about 50% of patients take herbal and other supplements before undergoing cosmetic surgery. The same study revealed that doing so puts the said patients at risk. Hence, Dr. Bahman Guyuron and colleagues at Case Western Reserved University advised patients to stop taking herbal medicines and supplements at least two weeks before their procedure.


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