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New Generics 2013

Generally, generic drugs cost 30 to 80 percent less than their brand name counterparts. When a brand name drug goes off patent, other drug companies are able to apply for FDA approval to sell the drug as a generic.
The generic companies that manufacture the generic drug reap the benefits of having the brand name companies spend the time and money in researching and advertising the medication.

Chemically, the generic drug is the same as the brand name. Some patients however, may feel that some generic drugs do not have the same potency between the companies that manufacture them. This is entirely true due to different manufacturing techniques.
Some retail pharmacies may accommodate the patient’s request to order specific generic companies for their medication.
When rating your pharmacy, let us know in the comment field, if this is a request you have made to your pharmacy, and if they were accommodating.

Below is a chart of expected new generic drugs coming to the market. You also have the opportunity to sign up to receive an email as soon as one of the hits the market!

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When New Generics Are Available
Brand Drug Generic name Generic Availability Used For
Valcyte valganciclovir March Viral infection
Zomig zolmitriptan March Migraine
Fosamax -D alendronate/vitamin D June Osteoporosis
Temodar temozolomide August Cancer
Niaspan niacin extended release September Cholesterol
Advicor lovastatin/niacin September Cholesterol
Aciphex rabeprazole November Heartburn
Vivelle Dot estradiol patch December Hormone replacement therapy
Cymbalta duloxetine December Depression, Pain, Fibromialgia