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With baby boomers becoming senior citizens, a tremendous increase in prescription drug advertising throughout the media, and more and more new drugs hitting the market, it’s no wonder that the number of prescriptions getting filled at your local pharmacy has increased at a rate that’s barely manageable by the pharmacy staff.

Did you know that there are 4 errors per day in a Pharmacy filling 250 prescriptions per day?*
*From the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Assoc 43(2): 191-200,2003

What if you knew that pharmacy “A” had more prescription filling errors than pharmacy “B”, or if pharmacy “B” had a longer wait time than pharmacy “C”?
Which pharmacy typically does not have the medication in stock to fill the prescriptions they receive? Or which pharmacy has the most helpful and friendly staff?

Our team of pharmacists and frequent pharmacy customers compiled these questions in a short survey format. These questions are designed to create accurate ratings to assist you in making an educated decision as to which pharmacy YOU will CHOOSE to fill your prescription.

The goal of the website is to help improve your overall pharmacy experience. By rating each pharmacy and drawing attention to the responses that you the public post anonymously for others to read, we hope that next time you visit your retail pharmacy their rating goes from a C+ to and A+.

Enjoy our site.
  -The RMP Team

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